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FW22: Into the Woods Drop 1 Available Now

FW22: Into the Woods Drop 1 Available Now

We’ve got exciting news - Petite Revery’s FW22 collection is available now! For Fall/Winter 2022, escape with us Into the Woods. In this daydream, imagine yourself staring up at the twinkling stars with a canopy of forest treetops above. In the woods, we’ll take adventures together where you’ll feel the raw earth beneath the soles of your feet, hear the forest whisper as the wind softly goes by, and revel in the season’s magic. 

The Inspiration Behind FW22 Collection

FW22 Launch Petite Revery

As homage to our name, Petite Revery or “little daydream”, we invite you and your littles to find new adventures and get lost in your own daydreams this season. Our Fall/Winter collection was inspired by the seasons’ fun-filled adventures like venturing into the forest, exploring the playground, jumping into a pile of colourful leaves, trampling through the mud to find the perfect pumpkin, and sledding down a snowy hill.

As the seasons transform and we bid farewell to the summer days, our collection evokes warmth and comfort while allowing your little daydreamer to move freely. This collection introduces soft layering pieces, plushy eco-fleeces, corduroys, sporty playwear, and accessories. 

FW22 Palette 

FW22 Launch Petite Revery

Our Fall/Winter 2022 palette includes neutral tones in Oat, Radish, Cacao, Cedar, and Turmeric that are comforting, timeless, and gender-inclusive. 

FW22 Launch Petite ReveryOur sportier pieces are in grounding tones of Stone and Mineral Blue and brightened with prints and appliqué. 

FW22 Launch Petite Revery

This season invites cozy comfort with prints like Daydreamer, Midnight Clouds, and Sandy Clouds. 

Our Move Towards a More Sustainable Future

FW22 Launch Petite Revery

This season, we remain committed to sustainability and continue to innovate to find new eco-friendly materials. In our Fall/Winter 2022 collection, we use eco-fleeces made with recycled polyester from plastic bottles. We use recycled polyester in hopes to offset the estimated 86 percent of water bottles that end up in the landfill each year. 

Our collection also uses the world’s first biodegradable polyester fibre, Celys, to make our puffer jackets. Celys gives our puffer jackets a soft, plushy, and cozy feel. Celys dries quickly and allows your little daydreamer to run and move around freely.

This season, our collection remains sustainable, inclusive, and versatile and underpins our desire for a dreamier, more playful future for our little ones.

Ready to escape into a daydream and adventure into the woods with us? Shop our Fall/Winter collection.


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