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Let's Get Festive: Kids' Holiday Party Looks to Light Up the Season

Let's Get Festive: Kids' Holiday Party Looks to Light Up the Season

The festive season is upon us; are you ready to celebrate? If you and your kiddos have upcoming parties and events and need style inspiration, take a cue from your favourite holiday elements—from twinkle lights to gingerbread and beyond. 

Holiday Party Looks for Kids in Cozy Hues

Some kids have a natural talent for crafting their own holiday party outfits. They effortlessly put together stylish ensembles that exude confidence. Whether mixing prints, layering unexpected textures, or choosing colours that pop, their style is as vibrant as the season.

For little daydreamers, the holiday colour palette stretches beyond reds and greens. It encompasses a spectrum of hues, mixing and matching shades that resonate with them. Seasonal outfits may shrug off traditional aesthetics and go in a different direction, allowing your little free spirit to express themselves at Christmas concerts, parties, and family gatherings. 

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3 Children's Holiday Outfits to Snag

Inspiration for holiday party outfits can come from anywhere. What does your little one love about the holidays? A handmade stocking, an ornament, reindeer, cold days? Here are some festive holiday outfit ideas to get you started.

1. Abominable Snowman

The elusive abominable snowman has a certain mystery and magic about him. This legendary creature from wintry mountains loves playful snowball fights, exploring, and being himself in all his unique ways. Re-imagine this wild and elusive creature in a dinner party setting, and you'll end up with a very cool look.

To create a party-worthy Abominable Snowman aesthetic for kids' holiday outfits, consider using high-quality materials and stylish touches that remind you of snowy places. Petite Revery's tencel linen long-sleeve shirt and pants make an excellent base for this outfit (but they're great on their own, too).

Then comes the fun part—the accessories. Shiny silver, soft grey, or icy blue details like necklaces, earrings, bum bags, or scarves make this Abominable Snowman truly one of a kind. To make this look perfect for inside and out, pair it with a white puffy coat and a furry earmuffs. 

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2. Christmas Tree Star

A Christmas star is the shimmering jewel atop the holiday's grandest tree! It evokes warmth and comfort and the magic of the season. This holiday staple is bright, radiant, and full of holiday cheer!

To transform the twinkling essence of a Christmas tree star into kids' holiday fashion, lean into warm hues like gold or turmeric (like our corduroy shacket and matching skirt). If your little star wants to shine even brighter, add some glittery or sparkling accessories that help your kiddo feel like they've been dipped in stardust. 

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3. Jack (or Jill) Frost

Jack Frost is a mischievous winter fellow with an icy-cool style as playful as a sled ride on a frosty morning. This adventurous guy turns up unexpectedly in a whirling dervish, leaving icicles and frozen crystals in his wake. If you know Jack Frost, you know he's simultaneously mischievous and whimsical in the best possible way.

To capture the frosty charm of Jack Frost in kids' fashion, think about incorporating cool, icy elements. Imagine clothing with hints of blue and white, but be fearless and opt for pieces that may seem unexpected, like denim dress overalls over a cotton long-sleeve shirt. If the little Jack Frost needs an extra layer, they can put a sweater or knit cardigan overtop. 

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Who is Your Kiddo's Holiday Style Icon?

This holiday season, let's revel in the joy of dressing up our little ones in ensembles that radiate the spirit of celebration. It's not just about the clothes; it's about the excitement and memories they create.

At Petite Revery, find the perfect pieces to emulate hot cocoa, sugar cookies, reindeer, and more, and find a toasty warm coat that completes the look.