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Spring-Summer 2023 Collection 

This season, escape with Petite Revery to a magical place where dreams really do come true. An enchanting place where your little one can leave all their worries behind, let their imagination fly, and just be. Come into this daydream with us - to a place somewhere over the rainbow. 

Our Palette this Season

Includes soft, dreamy pastels of Cloud, Lilac, Mellow Yellow, Aquamarine, Dusk Blue, and Denim Blue with shades of Mist, Cloud, Dune, and Sage that are comforting and grounding. Our palette is balanced with light, airy prints like Clear Skies, Blue Skies, Sunset Clouds, Daydream Clouds, Breton Cloud, Sunny Stripe, Seabreeze Stripe, and Nautical Stripe.

Petite Revery by Nest Designs creates beautiful, high-quality clothing for toddlers and children that encourage play, creativity, and imaginative exploration. Made to fit comfortably, Petite Revery’s collection is designed with easy silhouettes, simple patterns, and a soft palette of neutrals. Like Nest Designs, we have an unwavering commitment to the quality of our materials and the sustainability of our processes.

Petite Revery is a collection of play wear made for toddlers and children to encourage them to play and explore. The collection is inspired by a child’s innocent curiosity and playfulness. Like Nest Designs, Petite Revery creates high-quality, functional, made-to-last pieces. Using simple patterns and a soft palette of neutrals, the designs are timeless, fashion forward, and ode to your child’s daydreams. Our pieces use high-quality materials that feel soft against your child’s delicate skin and exceptionally comfortable to wear all day. 

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