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How To Celebrate Summer Solstice with Your Little Daydreamer

How To Celebrate Summer Solstice with Your Little Daydreamer

Who’s ready for the longest day of the year? June 21 is often celebrated as the summer solstice—but it technically falls somewhere between June 20 and June 22; it’s the official start of summer.

Historically, our ancestors celebrated the summer solstice in many ways, from festivals to bonfires and all activities in between. After all, the June solstice is about the power of the sun, boosting energy, good harvests, and a little bit of magic.

The best part of the summer solstice is that it gives you some extra moments of sunshine with your little Daydreamers. So what do you do to squeeze the most enjoyment out of the day?

Here are some ways you can welcome summer with your family and celebrate the summer solstice:

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Create and Wear Flower Crowns

Several countries celebrate the summer solstice by making and wearing flower crowns. Whether it’s daisies or dandelions, fake flowers or construction paper cutouts, a flower crown is a must for the longest day of the year.

Are you feeling especially crafty? Gather fallen leaves, flowers, and twigs to create beautiful nature-inspired crafts with your children. Build a nature collage, make pressed flower cards, or turn large leaves into playful masks.

Bathe in the Sunshine

Some people celebrate the summer solstice by sunbathing for 20 to 30 minutes. However, UV exposure isn’t great for you, so instead, put a twist on sunbathing by visiting the beach or pool or setting up a sprinkler. Don’t forget to wear hats, UV-shielding swimsuits, and sunscreen, and stay in the shade!

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Make Suncatchers

Have your kids help create ornaments to hang in the window. Suncatchers use coloured or stained glass, crystals, and more. When the sun’s rays hit them at the right angle, they cast colourful rainbows or light flecks around the room.

Get into the Garden

The summer solstice is traditionally a time to celebrate the potential for a good harvest. Whether you’ve already started planting or have yet to lift a spade, there are still more opportunities to grow flowers, plants, and produce. Kids love spending time in the garden and watching the progress from seed to plant, and it’s good for them to get their hands dirty too.

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Have a Summer Sing-Along

How many songs about sun and summer activities do you and your little Daydreamers know? You Are My Sunshine, Oh, Mister Sun, and Down By the Bay are some classics. Grab a guitar, and sing (or make up) some fun songs about summer.

Update Your Summer Wardrobe

Your little Daydreamers grow quickly. Celebrate the kickoff to the summer season by making sure they have clothes meant for the season. Dress your little ones in lightweight, breathable clothing made from natural fibres like seersucker cotton, tencel linen, or bamboo. Embrace bright and cheerful summer colours that reflect the vibrant energy of the solstice.

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Head North

If you really want to amaze your kids and make some fun memories, take a road trip up North to the Yukon. The summer solstice introduces the midnight sun, where they get 24 hours of daylight from June to September. Is there a better way to celebrate the solstice?

Watch the Clouds

With June 21 being the longest day of the year, it’s a great time to find a comfortable spot and see the cloud formations overhead. Have your little Daydreamers engage their imaginations and tell you the shapes they see in the clouds floating by.

Does your little one love clouds? Check out our daydream cloud t-shirts.

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Host a Summer Solstice Garden Party

Little ones love any excuse for a party. Have them help you plan a backyard soiree that celebrates the start of summer. They can help create the menu, hang solar-powered string lights, set the tables, choose the music, and shop for goods at the farmer’s market. If you want to get super whimsical, set up a Maypole and see if you can recreate dances from the fairs and festivals of yesteryear.

Plan a Theme Picnic

Most people enjoy packing a picnic to a favourite spot. Instead of packing a regular lunch or snack, put a summertime spin on it. Give it a theme like everything has to be summertime yellow. Pack some pineapple rings, yellow veggies and ranch dip, banana chips, cornbread, lemonade, sun-shaped cookies, and more.

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Make a Sundial

Teach your little Daydreamer how to tell time based on the sun by making a sundial—the PBS website has some easy-to-follow instructions. This project is simple, and you likely have all the materials you need at home. Marking the hours will keep you busy all day and can be a fun way to learn how to tell time!

Create Lasting Memories

The summer solstice serves as a reminder to appreciate the beauty of nature and the energy of the season. By involving your children in fun summer solstice activities, you can celebrate this special occasion meaningfully.

These experiences will help you create lasting memories for your family and give you a reason to celebrate with your little Daydreamers. Let us embrace the summer solstice and the long beautiful days ahead!

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