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Kids’ Fall / Winter Fashion Trends in 2023

Kids’ Fall / Winter Fashion Trends in 2023

Though many dread the end of summer, the fall and winter seasons bring a sense of anticipation for cooler weather, festive holidays, and, of course, new fashion trends to try. Just because temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean kids need to hide behind—or beneath—layers of warm and dull clothes. These are the children’s fashion trends lighting up back-to-school and the colder seasons ahead. 

1. Colour is the new black

While winter is often associated with gloominess, dull colours, and a touch of winter blues, fashion goes in the opposite direction. This season will be bursting with vibrant and pastel colours, as well as bold prints that add a lively and energetic touch. Yellow, orange, green—winter is going to be colourful!

Our artichoke clothing pieces will keep kids bright and warm this winter. You can even match our artichoke sweatpants with our hoodie or the hooded jacket for a fun look.

Petite Revery FW23

At Petite Revery, we have a soft spot for matching sets that are elegant yet super comfortable (kids will be kids after all!). A colourful twist on this trend is the Canadian tuxedo look. Whether they pair our denim jeans with the denim hooded jacket, or go with a denim skirt, vest, and bag combo, they’ll be the most stylish kid at school.

Petite Revery denim

2. Add some texture into your wardrobe

The second major kids fashion trend for the fall and winter season is textured clothing pieces. Texture can turn a very simple outfit into something more unique. 

However, a general rule of thumb is to use only 1-2 textured pieces in an outfit otherwise the look can get a little overwhelming. Simpler pieces like a cotton long sleeve underneath adds a warm layer to this trend, just like our  our Big Cloud Short Sleeve Tops.

Corduroy is the perfect example of a textured fabric. Our puffer coats as well as our overalls are made from this soft and durable material, lending a sweet vintage vibe to your kids’ outfit that can keep up with all their adventures.

Petite Revery Corduroy

3. The sporty style is back

Style no longer means sacrificing comfort—something all fashionable kids can rejoice over.

Streetwear fashion can also exude elegance when accessorized and coordinated in the right manner. Our stylish and comfortable sets are designed to keep your child at ease during their daily activities, all while providing the necessary warmth for the colder seasons.

Comfy outfit idea:

Petite Revery FW22

4. Diversity even in the wardrobe.

For decades, there has been a strict separation between boys' and girls' clothing via style or colour. These lines are getting more and more blurred,  slowly shifting towards more gender neutral clothes, which is also a great way to make fashion more ethical by making it easier to share and pass on kids clothes to anyone. Sustainable, heirloom fashion is at the heart of the Petite Revery brand, making our long-lasting clothes accessible to kids of all genders.

Gender Neutral Outfit Idea:

Petite Revery SS23

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