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Petite Revery's First Collection Launch: SS22

Petite Revery's First Collection Launch: SS22

We're excited to introduce the launch of Petite Revery's first collection. In this collection, we’ve used ultra-soft and comfy fabrics that your child will love being in. Whether it's running across an enchanted forest, laying on the grass and watching the clouds go by, or skipping from rock to rock, Petite Revery’s collection is designed with their adventures in mind. We’ve chosen materials that keep them cool like Cotton Linen and ultra-soft fabrics like Terry Cotton and Rib Knit. 

Petite Revery's Inspiration

Petite Revery SS22 Launch

Petite Revery means "Little Daydream". Our main inspirations are kids and their innocent curiosity, playful exploration, and vivid imaginations. With a touch of nostalgia, we made this collection as a tribute to their child-like wonder where the simplest things like a wooden stick, rock, or a cloud could take them to a wondrous world. 

 With our Daydreamer tops, we celebrate your little daydreamer and how clouds can become castles, bears, and rocketships. Petite Revery SS22 Launch
 Petite Revery SS22 Launch Our Pick a Wish tops are inspired by the times your little daydreamer walks along the street, picks up dandelions, and makes a wish. 
 Our Rainbow Tops celebrate the imaginary search for the end of a rainbow and a reminder to be kind.  Petite Revery SS22 Launch


The Colours Behind Our SS22 Collection

The Spring and Summer 2022 collection uses a palette of neutrals such as Vanilla, Sand, and Oyster. It is complemented with colours like Apricot, Coral Pink, and Moss for a summery energy and other warming colours like Cinnamon, Sunset, Orange, Aloe, and Turquoise. These colours bring back a feeling of nostalgia to times spent in the summer playing, exploring, and just being a kid again. We hope this collection inspires your child to continue being their curious selves and use their creative imaginations. 

Thanks for being a part of this exciting time! Shop Petite Revery’s Spring and Summer collection and let us know what your favourite pieces are.

Petite Revery SS22 Launch

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