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SS23: Somewhere Over The Rainbow Available Now

SS23: Somewhere Over The Rainbow Available Now

Petite Revery’s Spring/Summer collection is here! This season, escape with us to a magical place - Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Here in this enchanting place, your little one can leave all their worries behind, let their imaginations fly, and just be - whether they’re explorers, adventurers, daydreamers, or creatives - they’ll be free to be themselves. In this daydream with us to a place somewhere over the rainbow. 

Petite Revery SS23

The Inspiration Behind SS23 Collection

This season, our collection, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, is inspired by the song sung by Judy Garland. In this place, to “a land that I heard of once in a lullaby” becomes reality. Here, the “skies are blue and the dreams you dare to dream really do come true”. 

As Spring approaches, the air feels different with a sense of “newness” and life. Flowers begin to blossom and nature returns back to life. Our collection evokes this warmth, light, and hope the new seasons of Spring and Summer bring. 

In this season, you can expect to find pieces that are made from lighter, breathable fabrics and soft-to-touch pieces. 

Petite Revery SS23

SS23 Palette 

Our SS23 palette includes soft, dreamy pastels like Cloud, Lilac, Mellow Yellow, Aquamarine, Dusk Blue, and Denim Blue. These colours are used to add soft pops of colours to your little one’s wardrobe. We’ve used Mist, Cloud, Dune, and Sage for warmer, comforting, and neutral shades.

The season’s light and airiness are illustrated through our Petite Revery-inspired prints like Clear Skies, Blue Skies, Sunset Clouds, Daydream Clouds, Breton Cloud, Sunny Stripe, Seabreeze Stripe, and Nautical Stripe. 

Petite Revery SS23 Colour Palette

The SS23 Collection 

In our SS23 collection, you’ll find eco-friendly materials like recycled polyester, TENCEL™ Denim, flax linen, TENCEL™ Lyocell, and Sorona®. 

We’re excited for you to discover pieces like eco-friendly, soft-to-touch denim, quick-to-dry pieces, and light layers. So get ready and escape with us to a place somewhere over the rainbow. 

Shop our Spring/Summer 2023 collection here. 

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