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Welcome to the World of Alpine Dreams

This season, Petite Revery embarks on a mountain-bound odyssey, where the melodious whispers of the wind dance through the majestic pines and a pristine quilt of snow drapes the world in ethereal white. Amidst the brisk, invigorating mountain air, our collection envelops everyone in cozy warmth. Enveloped in our luxuriously crafted cable knits and plush recycled polar fleece, the chill in the air is but a gentle reminder of nature's embrace. With responsibly sourced down pieces providing an added shield against the elements, rest assured, there are no shivers to be found here!

Our Palette this Season

This season's color palette is a graceful symphony of earthy neutrals, with delicate hints of muted pastels sprinkled like whispers of spring amidst a winter's dream. Tonight, we find solace in the warmth and coziness of our surroundings, but tomorrow promises a canvas of snow-clad adventures waiting to be painted! Are you ready to embrace the magic?

Petite Revery is a collection of play wear made for toddlers and children to encourage them to play and explore. The collection is inspired by a child’s innocent curiosity and playfulness. Like Nest Designs, Petite Revery creates high-quality, functional, made-to-last pieces. Using simple patterns and a soft palette of neutrals, the designs are timeless, fashion forward, and ode to your child’s daydreams. Our pieces use high-quality materials that feel soft against your child’s delicate skin and exceptionally comfortable to wear all day. 

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