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Behind the Scenes: How We Create a Petite Revery Collection

Behind the Scenes: How We Create a Petite Revery Collection

At Petite Revery, creating a children's clothing collection is an exciting adventure. We sat down with the manufacturing team to get a glimpse into the process of making a clothing collection for adventurous kiddos.

The Creation Process from the Ground Up

We make Petite Revery designs for kids who are unapologetically themselves. Our collections are for playful kids who want to express themselves and look cool doing it.

We create garments kids love by paying attention to the seasonal trends of childrenswear. Keeping an eye on the pulse of trends goes hand in hand with extensive design research and sourcing. It's a process fuelled by passion and guided by intuition, where we carefully choose every colour, trim, and fabric to support the story we envision for a new collection.

Petite Revery clothing

Anchor Concepts for Each Collection

Inspiration can come from anywhere, from tile designs of an old heritage house to a vintage print magazine. We follow what feels right to us and take it from there.

Once we narrow down our concept for each season, we move forward with merchandising and creating the line as a whole. Having a strong concept and storyline in place for a collection helps us create a cohesive style.

Following the development of the styles and categories, we delve deeper into fabrication and trim selection. We do multiple fit sessions with our samples to perfect the fit and look of each style. Slowly but surely, the collection comes alive, and from there, we go through internal selections and edits before all pieces are confirmed for production.

Petite Revery swatches

Sustainability Meets Style with Fabric Selection

At Petite Revery, we go deeper than simply the aesthetic of our products. We make clothing that feels as good as it looks and keeps up with active kids. The season helps dictate the direction of which fabrics we choose (opting for moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics in the summer and cozier fabrics that help keep kids warm in the winter), but that's only part of fabric selection.

Each season, we strive to move further towards sustainability and try to work with fabric manufacturers who are eco-conscious like us. We aim to make clothing that keeps the planet in mind, so earth-friendly fabrics always grab our attention in the design phase.

For example, Petite Revery works with fabric manufacturers that create innovative new fiber contents that, when combined, offer durability in structure. For example, our Sorona quick-dry tees are much more durable than normal cotton fibres and are also eco-friendly. We also work with Avocado and Bamboo fibres to offer comfort and softness to children's wear.

Petite Revery fabrics

Designing for Little Ones

Petite Revery designs celebrate uniqueness, which is one thing that makes our styles stand out. We want to craft garments that help kids express themselves and pieces that fuel their imaginations. But with style in mind, we also want to ensure the designs are comfortable, safe, and functional.

Stringent safety regulations apply to companies that make children's wear, which helps guide our design process. The end result is collections that are as reliable as they are fashionable. 


Petite Revery releases a new collection twice a year. Our Spring/Summer collection is perfect for sunny days, and our Fall/Winter collection keeps kids warm but looks cool when the temperature drops.

With the care and dedication we put into each line, two collections each year keep us busy!

Petite Revery drops

Every Collection Made with Love

We hope our clothing collections speak to parents as much as they do to children. Our team puts a lot of love into each piece. We want our clothing to be a tangible expression of the care and creativity we put into our collections, from the idea stage to the finished product.

We hope your children feel comfortable and happy wearing our products. Shop our Spring/Summer 2024 collection, Summer Forager, to see what's new at Petite Revery.