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Explore our SS24 Collection: Summer Forager

Explore our SS24 Collection: Summer Forager

The Petite Revery Spring/Summer collection, Summer Forager, captures the wholesomeness and playfulness of childhood and mixes it with the carefree days of the season. It’s the kind of vibe that’s perfect for splashing at the lake, eating blackberries right off the bush, or chasing grasshoppers through a field. It’s a look that’s relaxed but also darn cute.

Get to know more about our latest collection and prepare for your kiddo to become a Summer Forager.

Let’s Talk About Style

This season, our pieces have sensational silhouettes in comfortable designs for active, curious, and stylish kids. From summertime staples like shorts and t-shirts to everyday dresses, vests, skirts, and sweaters, these outfits work for the beach or a family dinner al fresco. 

The pieces in the collection mix and match very well with each other, and kiddos can add or remove layers to create a style that’s all their own.

Expect to see some awesome details your kiddos will love, too, such as different coloured sleeves on the same garment, coloured buttons, dinosaur scales, and small pops of pastel hues along collars, on pockets, and more. 

Petite Revery SS24

Pastel Macaron Colours and Fun Patterns

Those warm, sunny rays pair nicely with the hues of this collection. The Summer Forager palette introduces three new shades and four prints that spark the imagination.

Summer Bloom: A pattern of stars, mushrooms, leaves, clouds, and shapes resembling flower heads and grass shoots in light blue, green, orange, and grey on a grey backdrop.

Petite Revery Summer Bloom

Cloud: A warm white that’s summer-ready.

Petite Revery SS24 Cloud

Sunny Fields: The same pattern as summer fields but with all-white shapes on a peach-beige background.

Petite Revery Sunny Fields

Slate Grey: A soft grey with the slightest hint of cool, muted blue.

Petite Revery Slate Grey

Summer Fields: A pattern of outdoorsy elements in summertime: pink, green, blue, and orange on a warm white background.

Petite Revery Summer Fields

Buttermilk: A pale, creamy hue reminiscent of soft, sunlit clouds.

Petite Revery Buttermilk

Summer Rays: A colourful striped pattern in hues reminiscent of sunsets.

Petite Revery Summer Rays

Ready for Some Fun in the Sun?

At Petite Revery, we make clothes for little daydreamers and adventurers who express themselves in their own way. When the call to adventure beckons them, our clothes keep up—no matter where the day takes them.

Explore the Summer Forager collection here.