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Petite Revery Meet Our Founders and Big Dreamer Tammy Lo

Meet Our Founder and Big Dreamer, Tammy Lo

Someone once said, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer.”. Tammy Lo is our dreamer and the creative power house behind Petite Revery and our sister brand, Nest Designs.

Nine years ago, Tammy wanted to give her sister who was pregnant with her niece at the time something that was soft, gender neutral, and timeless. She couldn’t find anything and became inspired to design her own products for moms and babies. This was how Nest Designs was started.

Flash forward nine years later, her niece is no longer a baby. Seeing her niece grow has inspired her to design comfortable, trendy, but timeless pieces that children like her niece could wear to move, play, and explore in. 

Becoming a Mom

If you’ve followed Nest Designs journey on Instagram, you’ve probably seen a cute baby's face - Tammy's son. Tammy became a mom in 2020 to baby F. As her son grew out of the infant phase and started being curious and exploring his surroundings, she became fascinated by his never-ending sense of wonder. She found herself on the ground, exploring, and trying to see the world from his perspective. She admired his sense of carefreeness and love for the world around him. Tammy's son found joy in collecting rocks, sticks, and pinecones. His current favourite is turning a cardboard box into a car wash - thanks to Carl's Car Wash. 

Seeing the world from baby F's eyes opened Tammy's world and inspired her to create Petite Revery. 

The word "Revery" means daydream, a tribute to a child's sense of wonder, innocent curiosity, and their need for movement and exploration - a perfect way to describe children like baby F, her niece and nephew, and other children. 

In the Petite Revery collection, you'll see all our pieces inspired by the little dreamers out there like our Find Time to be Kind Rainbow tee and the Pick a Wish sweatshirt that is embellished with a cheerful, billowy display of dandelions.


Sustainability in Practice

Sustainability isn't just a buzz word here. We take it pretty seriously. Just like with Nest Designs, we carefully select materials that are high-quality and have a low impact the planet. Our pieces are created to be durable and long-lasting so that can be passed on from one child to another - our way of paying it forward to Mother Nature. 

Knowing the devastating impacts of plastic to the environment, ocean, and marine life, we’ve committed to eliminating the use of new plastic materials. From choosing recycled plastic for our colourful buttons to using EcoPureⓇ, a biodegradable plastic in our packaging, we are trying our best to reduce our carbon footprint.

What can a cardboard box be? 

 Petite Revery: Meet Our Founder

Inspired by baby F, we wanted to take something like a cardboard box and see it in a different light. As an adult, we think of it of a cardboard box as a container for items like diapers, old clothes that our children have outgrown, or something else to add to the recycling bin. 

However, when a child looks at a box, they seem so many other creative possibilities like how Tammy's son sees it as a carwash. Have you ever seen it this way? 

We love how little dreamers can see a cardboard box as a blank canvas and today, we want to invite you to see it in this light too. Here are some possibilities a good ol' cardboard box can be a:

  1. Rocket Ship 
  2. Robot
  3. Dinosaur
  4. Car
  5. Castle
  6. Post Box
  7. Sensory Tunnel 
  8. Maze or Obstacle Course (especially if you have a lot of them!)
  9. Reading Nook 
  10. Puppet Theater 

Which of these would your little one love the most? We hope these ideas inspire you and your little one to be creative and be a bit more playful with something as simple as a cardboard box today. 

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