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Petite Revery Summertime Fun

Summertime Fun with Petite Revery

Calling all water babies! The hot weather is here, which means it’s time to practice sun safety while you’re filling your days with blissful hours by the water.

From the beach to your outdoor water table (and all places in between), staying safe and stylish in the heat is a cinch with Petite Revery.

Cute, Stylish, and Chemical Free

 Petite Revery Summertime Fun

Imagination and adventure are what we’re all about at Petite Revery. We make clothes that spark creative play, with movement and construction that’s designed purposefully for busy little beings. 

We bring this detail into our adorable swimwear line that’s made of clean, healthy fabrics built to help protect your little one while they’re playing in the sun. Our swimwear fabrics are Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rated 50+ to shield even more of the sun’s harmful rays. We wanted to design a line of swimwear that you can feel good about, especially when your family spends hours outside each day in the summer.

Now, can we talk about how awesome summer is?

Water Play for the Win

Petite Revery Summertime Fun

Kids love to play in the water — after all, what’s more fun than splishing and splashing? Water provides an excellent sensory experience for kids, while giving them several benefits. Water play comes in many forms, and it can be as fun as it is educational, offering additional perks like motor skill development, new language concepts, and a foundation for understanding science and math skills.  

It may look like your little one is having the time of their life swimming, spraying, and pouring, but they’re learning without knowing it!

What’s Your Plan for This Beautiful Sunny Day?

Petite Revery Summertime Fun

We’re parents ourselves, so we know that doing the same activity every day through the summer is not an ideal solution for playing in the heat. Here are some of our favourite water-based summer activities:

  • Running through the sprinklers. This is a great one, as you can simultaneously water your outdoor lawn and plants.
  • Set up an outdoor water station. With bowls, spoons, buckets, and a large plastic bin, little ones can play for long periods of time without getting bored.
  • Visit your local water parks. There’s bound to be a water park not too far from your home. Spend the summer checking out all the water parks in the area to find the ones you like best.
  • Check out the beach or outdoor pool. From swimming lessons to family days at the lake, getting into the water is so refreshing!
  • Plan a water fight. This idea is usually best for kids that are a little older and know how to spray water at each other without overstepping any boundaries.

Practice Sun Safety with These Six Tips

Petite Revery Summertime Fun

Drinking in the sun’s natural vitamin D sure feels nice, but you have to be careful — especially with the sensitive skin of little ones. Appropriate protective measures help prevent sunburns and sunstroke, to ensure that everyone stays safe while playing outside.

Here are six helpful tips to remember when playing with little ones outside:

  1. Apply and reapply sunscreen. You and your littles both need to use sunscreen with a minimum Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 or higher. Be generous when applying, making sure to cover all exposed skin. Sunscreen doesn’t last all day, you need to reapply frequently, so it continues to protect from sunburns.
  2. Plan your outside time when the sun’s rays are not at their strongest. Try to keep kids in the shade when the sun is the most intense, which is usually between 10am and 4pm in the Northern Hemisphere. 
  3. Wear light, long sleeves when possible. Covering up is one way to protect little ones’ skin. Our swim collection uses Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+, and includes a long sleeve swim suit and long sleeve rashguard set.
  4. Stay hydrated. When the weather becomes hot and humid, we all lose more of our natural water supply through sweating. With the way children spend their energy, it’s incredibly important to keep them drinking fluids throughout the day.
  5. Hats, hats, hats! Even with sunscreen and UPF swimwear, you want to protect childrens’ faces and necks from more sun exposure. Check out our cute swim cap to see what a protective head cover looks like.
  6. Be a good role model. You know that kids tend to mirror the behaviour they see from adults. If they see you covering up, drinking water, and applying sunscreen, they’ll be more inclined to do the same. 

Have As Much Fun as Possible!

Petite Revery Summertime Fun

Summer is a great time to play pretend and make new friends. We hope you and your little ones make some great memories this summer and enjoy the time you spend playing outside.


What are your summer plans? Tell us in the comments!

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